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Never Going Back

Lusting for the world
What does it have to offer me anyway.
Nothing good for me
Why couldn't I see that earlier.
Took so many wrong turns
Bad decisions that I made.
Never was satisfied with my life.
Til God showed me the way

My past haunts me day and night 
Satan knows thats where I'm weak
My God cleansed me of my sin
He sent his son to die for me
The life that I used to live
I'm never, never going back again

Faced with temptation 
Every single day there is a new test
Satan knows my weaknesses
and he thinks he can pull me down
But God is in my life now
and thanks to him, I  know that can resist
and now I'm living for him
And I'm never, I'm never going back again


Life is better than
Its ever been for me
I think about my past
And I see that it was a waste of time
I'm living in God's will now
And what He wants I will do for him
Because he died for me
And that's the least that I can do for Him


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