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Undercover Joe:
Couch Potato:
Hats Off:

Is that Friends are for?

I heard a knock knock knock on my door
a man came in, said I've benn looking for
you, me yeah thats right
he said "My name is Death
and your coming with me tonight"
I tried to get away, I ran all around
I'm not letting him take me down

My life flashes before my eyes
I had to admit, he caught me by suprise
Heaven or Hell, where am I gonna go
so many questions, the answers I don't know

Oh no, where am I now, I can't see
it's so hot, somethings burning me
fire, ah, when's it gonna stop
"Never" said satan, then I looked up
to a place called Heaven and all my "friends"
or so they call themselves, but now its the end
and if they were my friend I wouldn't be in Hell

I thought you were my friends
How could you keep this from me all my life
I burning and burning, there is no end
But your up in Heaven, living in Paradise
Is that what friends are for, Is that what friends are for?!?

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